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About Happy Pancake

Happy Pancake is a cute food game created by GirlsGoGames that allows players to make many different kinds of pancakes, and put on all kinds of toppings. The goal of the game is for the player to apply the toppings onto their pancake on the left-side of the screen the same way as the pancake on the right-side of the screen is presented. When the player first starts the game, they will be at the Main Menu. If needed, there is also a Tutorial section that may be accessed for general playing information about the game. When ready, the player can click on the Play Game button to begin. After doing so, they will be presented with the difficulty level in which to choose from; Easy, Medium, and Hard are the available options. Controls In order for the player to successfully decorate their pancake the same as the one presented to them, they will need to arrange the toppings from left to right on their pancake, instead of placing them in any order. In order for the player to move the pancake ingredients, they will need to click on the specific topping that they would like to move, and then hold onto their mouse button while they move their mouse into position over the pancake and release the button to apply the topping. The toppings range from chocolate squares, strawberries, various flavor ice cream scoops, banana slices, dollops of cream, and many other kinds of toppings. The ingredients are shown in small dishes below the pancake dish; there is also a corresponding number below each dish that relates to how many pieces of the certain ingredient or topping is available. When the level starts, it is also timed, so the player will want to do their best to top their pancakes in the correct order as quickly, yet as accurately as they are able to. The players score is shown at the top of the screen, along with their mission and level number. Hints A hint that people can utilize is to pause the game to be able to get around the time limit. As the game is in motion, the time limit will continue to count down which can be stressing at times. If the player finds that they ever need some extra time to make sense of the layout of the toppings on the pancakes, they can click on the small round Pause button at the top of the screen for some extra help. About Us At our website, we do not require that visitors go through an extensive sign-up process just to play a game. We understand that this is not only time-consuming, but many people don't like sharing their information with every web page that they visit. The benefit of visiting our site is that users can access the Happy Pancake game by GirlsGoGames anytime of the day or night that they wish to. For everyone that visits our site and plays Happy Pancake, please let all your friends know about this fun game to give them the chance to play it.

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